Monday, February 16, 2015

Dr. Cool's Award Winning Real Insect Excavation Kit

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I was elated to be one of the lucky ones to be chosen to review Dr. Cool's insect excavation kit. This kit is perfect for the little entomologist or any kiddo with a curiosity for bugs. It comes with a green "digging" beetle that you dig into using the included excavation tool and brush. Inside you'll find three unique bugs preserved in acrylic; a spider, a scorpion and a fortune beetle. The first thing my little one said was "Hey that's like the bug on Jurassic Park!" 

Once you have the bugs excavated you can rinse them off and learn everything from what the bugs eat, where they are found, their sleeping habits and their survival skills and general cool facts about the bug. Like this one, did you know that scorpions have more than 2 eyes? Depending on the species they can have up to five more pairs along the front of their heads! Crazy.

The kit also comes with an activity book with everything from crossword searches to mazes to hidden pictures. Each activity is simple enough to decipher while still offering knowledge about bugs in general. 

This kit would make an excellent gift for any kiddo for hours of fun! All opinions stated, whether self-purchased or provided for review, are completely those of my own. 

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