Monday, February 2, 2015

Bites: Ten Tales of Vampires (Ten Tales Fantasy & Horror Stories)

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Book Description:

Do you like the traditional, blood-sucking, dangerous type of vampire? Then this story collection is for you.

Ten authors have created creepy, chilling, funny, thought-provoking and scary stories about dark suckers.

Are vampires to be pitied for their vulnerabilities, or envied for their powers? How do we know who is a vampire? How do we know what vampires want from us? What if they are expressions of our own forbidden desires?

What if the victims give their blood willingly, in return for a boon? What if they drain from their victims not blood, but something more precious - their courage, their faith, their ability to love?

Is what they offer a fair exchange for what they take? Do you yearn for thrills, for immortality, for everlasting youth? Would you be willing to pay for this with your blood, your life, your soul?

Ten authors probe these questions in their tales. Each story in this book explores a different concept of vampires, a different question, a different danger. To reflect the authors' individual voices, you will find both American and British words and spellings in this book.

  1. TANGLED DREAMS by Liv Rancourt
    Sometimes it's safer to leave history's secrets alone.
  2. REALITY BITES! by Jim Bernheimer
    Vampires have problems just like the rest of us.
  3. NIGHT TRAIN by Rayne Hall
    The train is about to enter a tunnel - and vampires are on board.
  4. WINTER FLOWER by Jonathan Broughton
    Dark desires unfurl where shadows thrive.
  5. IT'S IN YOUR BLOOD by Pamela Turner
    Be careful when accepting an invitation.
  6. THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN by Debbie Christiana
    When you help someone, it may come back to bite you. 
  7. THE FLEDGLING DOUBT by Lana Bange
    What if you're one moment too late to protect a victim?
  8. THE DHAMPIR'S KISS by Carole Ann Moleti
    Can any vow survive immortal life?
  9. EXILE by April Grey
    Death could be just the beginning.
  10. WHY I WON'T READ SONG OF SOLOMON by Douglas Kolacki
    A vampire may feed off a victim without leaving bite marks on the neck. 

My Review:

This is a collection of ten different vampire stories written by ten different authors. I found each story to be compelling, well-written and each very different from the next.

Mostly I enjoyed reading about the different types of vampires, from the usual, blood thirsty, "fear of sunlight" type of vampire, to the much more romantic, charismatic vampire. Although all ten stories were very different, each one of these vampire stories made for an interesting read. Two of my very favorite stories from this collection are Night Train and Winter Flower. Night Train is more of a suspenseful and fast paced story that will keep you intrigued from beginning to the absolute, very end. Winter Flower has a much more romantic, ethereal feel to its storyline.

All in all, I must say, that all ten of these quick read books, are a "must read" for anyone interested in the paranormal, vampire genre. I would definitely recommend this collection!

I received the item at a discount for reviewing purposes. All opinions stated, whether self-purchased or provided for review, are completely those of my own. 

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  1. Thanks for the review! I will be recommending this to my sister to read!