Sunday, February 8, 2015

Premium Quality: Lingerie Bags for Laundry by InsideSmarts

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These laundry bags are much larger than I was expecting, which is a great thing! They come in a set of four with two different sizes. The zippers are secure and you don't have to worry about them snagging on your other items in the wash. They really do take a lot of the hassle out of laundry.

They are perfect for washing bras that you don't want to dry. I often forget to look for the bras when transferring into the dryer and they end up misshapen because they really shouldn't be dried. This bag is a perfect way to keep them separate in the wash and easily remind me that they're in there so I can hang dry them. They'd be ideal for any items that you want to keep out of the dryer.

They come back with a satisfaction guarantee or your money back. I'm completely satisfied so I think I'll be keeping these.

I received this item at a discount for reviewing purposes. All opinions stated, whether self-purchased or provided for review, are completely those of my own.

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